Difficulty running Blimdom natively?

Blimdom is designed to run on .Net Core 3.1 for maximum compatibility.
If you can't run Blimdom, you may not have .Net Core installed on your machine.

Please find the .Net Core 3.1 runtimes here
(The correct one for your operating system will need to be downloaded and installed before Blimdom will launch properly)

Only download and install the runtime called .NET Runtime for console apps (usually the 3rd section down on the right); .NET Desktop Runtime and ASP.NET Core Runtime do not allow Blimdom to run so don't install either of these.

Note: Blimdom has only been tested to work with Windows 10 (x64), Ubuntu 20.04 (x64) & Raspberry Pi OS 2022-01-28 (x64)

If this seems like an un-winnable battle, you can always try the Unity emulated versions available at the bottom of the downloads page.
Please be aware that Blimdom will need full write privileges (

chmod -R 777
) in order to generate a world.

Running Blimdom on Linux?

First, ensure you have the correct distribution (use Ubuntu x64 for Intel architecture and ARM x64 for anything else)

To play Blimdom in a terminal on Linux, make sure to set the terminal to a

Monospaced font
and resize it to fit
80 columns by 40 rows
as below:

(You may need to set your terminal's character set to
if characters are rendering incorrectly)

After setting up your terminal, enter these red instructions to install Blimdom:

# Switch to root (you'll need the root password for this)
sudo su

# Install NCurses (unless you already have it)
apt-get install libncursesw5

# Go to where the Blimdom files are (replace the bit after cd with the appropriate directory)
cd /home/username/downloads/Blimdom

# Claim ownership of all the Blimdom files (replace username with your username)
chown -R username:username *

chmod -R 777 *

# Come out of root

# Go to where the Blimdom files are (replace the bit after cd with the appropriate directory)
cd /home/username/downloads/Blimdom

# Run Blimdom

If after attempting to run Blimdom you see an error like the one below or anything talking about
double free detected in tcache 2
, NCurses may not have installed correctly:

(At this point if you're stuck I can only advise checking what the
apt-get install libncursesw5
command above said and having a Google :) )

All the pictures and music are missing?

If you're running Blimdom straight from the .zip file, it will likely not be able to access the res/ folder correctly.
Please extract all the files and folders in the .zip to a new folder before playing Blimdom.

Contact me about an issue

For technical assistance, please either:
   - Post a detailed explanation of your problem on the Blimdom TIG Forums development thread

   - Send a message to me on the Neocities hub

Configure Blimdom

Blimdom will accept a number of launch parameters provided to it with a plaintext config file next to the application titled


(Some of these are configured using the options menu in-game, others must be set in the config file manually.)

Linux hard window refreshes can be toggled with:
refreshLinuxWindowOnDraw: on|off

(Turn this off if your game appears to be running slowly in Linux (this may result in some screen stretching at the edges if your Linux console window is bigger than it needs to be))
(Defaults to on if not set)

Autosave interval (in milliseconds) can be set with:
autosave: {milliseconds}

(Autosave occurs every 10 minutes by default and can be turned off completely with a millisecond value less than 10000)

Starting window position can be set with:
windowX: {pixels}

windowY: {pixels}

(You can put negative values or values greater than your primary monitor's resolution to have Blimdom start on another screen if you have more than one)
(This won't do anything in Linux)

Save file obfuscation can be turned on or off with:
obfuscatePlayerData: on|off

(Defaults to on if not set)

PC speaker beeps can be toggled with:
beeper: on|off

(The PC speaker will only work if supported by your operating system (emulated or otherwise))
(Defaults to on if not set)